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High School Seniors

Welcome High School Seniors!!

I know all about the hustle and bustle of a 17-18 year olds life.  I have 3 in college right now and one more just starting high school.  They sure do make life interesting, don’t they?

Parents/Seniors, Let’s talk about senior pictures!  What is the process, the how’s and when’s of it all…

1)  Decide what season you want picture taken in.  Spring, Summer, Fall, most schools in the Twin City metro area have deadlines between November and January.   Every school is different, make sure you find your schools particular deadline to submit a yearbook photo.  Most of the time this can be found on your school’s website.

Typically, most seniors love to have pictures taken during the summer before their senior year.   Some like to get them done early in Spring, and not have to fret about it.

2)  Whether you choose Spring, Summer or even Fall, call/email me early in the season and set the date to secure your special time.  Weekends are the best days to have the pictures done, this gives you plenty of time to do your hair, makeup, and clothes.   I will automatically reserve 2 hours for your shoot, however you do have the option of a simpler, faster shoot for only 1 hour.  See the difference between a 1 hour vs 2 hours photoshoot HERE on my Investment page.  I highly recommend the email or call comes from one of the parents and not the senior themselves, however the senior should be highly involved in the process.


3)   Next,  where o’ where should the shoot be?   One of the more difficult questions, but don’t worry, I know many ideal locations that would fit any style.   Start thinking about your personal style, personality, what type of place are you comfortable at?

  • By a lake, on a dock, boats
  • In a grassy/flowery field
  • In the woods, with trees, rocks
  • In the city, tall buildings, sidewalks
  • Country, barns, wooden fences

4)   What about Props?  This goes back to your style.  Maybe you’ve been in band for 4 years and you want your instrument incorporated into a few of the pictures?   Did you letter in any sport or academic, then wear your letterman jacket.  How about sports equipment?  The possibilities are endless, however just make sure you tell me before the shoot so I can plan accordingly!

5)   Clothes – O’ the drama!  Seriously, the best advice I can give you, is wear something you are COMFORTABLE in!!! Now, if you read my investments page, you would see that a 2 hour shoot will give you unlimited clothing changes.  A typical girl would have 3-4 outfits, guys mostly 2, however there is no right or wrong.  I do have a Pinterest site all about senior styles and what to wear,  Check it out, Girls and Guys!  Ask me for my step-by-step guide once you reserve your spot!


6)    Time of the photoshoot.   I will highly suggest evening hours for this will give us the best light to capture these treasured memories. Approximately two hours before sunset is ideal, however I will work with your schedule. In the summer when the sun sets late in the day, a typical shoot is from 6 – 8 pm.